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Zinc Oxide Ph.Eur. 15.25%, Benzyl Alcohol B.P. 0.39%, Benzyl Benxoate B.P. 1.01%, Benzyl Cinnamate 0.15%, Lanolin (hypo-allergenic) 4% (w/w).
sudocrem is a lightly scented white emollient cream which forms a protective barrier on the skin. It acts as an antiseptic healing cream with antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is used for nappy rash, eczema, incontinence dermatitis, and bed sores. It is also used to promote healing in cases such as sunburn, minor burns, surface wounds, acne and chilblains. It is even used as a barrier cream around the hair line when dyeing your hair.
Apply a thin layer as required.
Keep out of mouth, nose, and eyes. Please read the leaflet thoroughly before using the product.