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Niquitin CQ 2mg Mint Lozenge

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Each lozenge contains 2mg nicotine.
Niquitin CQ 2mg Mint Lozenge is used as a part of smoking cessation plan to reduce your nicotine dependency. Using the lozenges at regular intervals gives your body the nicotine you need to help you stop smoking. Niquitin CQ 2mg is used by people who have their first cigarette 30 minutes after waking up.
Put 1 lozenge in your mouth, and move it from one side of the mouth to the other until it gets completely dissolved. This may take up to 30 minutes. Do not chew or swallow the lozenge. Do not eat or drink while the lozenge is in your mouth. Do not use more than 15 lozenges in a day. Read the leaflet to follow the complete plan.
People under the age of 18 consult your doctor and then follow the suggested smoking cessation plan. Seek medical advice in patients with angina, other heart conditions, peptic ulcers, other gastric diseases, kidney or liver problems or if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Smoking should be stopped before using the inhalator. Please read the leaflet thoroughly before taking the medication.