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Nicorette 2mg Gum

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Nicotine 2mg.
Nicorette 2mg Gum is a low strength gum for the treatment of nicotine dependency. It helps to overcome the urge to smoke by relieving you from the withdrawal symptoms caused by giving up smoking. It is suitable for those smoking 20 cigarettes a day.
Chew 1 piece slowly when you feel the urge to smoke. Use the Nicorette Chewing Technique i.e. Chew slowly until the taste becomes strong - Rest between gum and cheek Chew again when taste has faded. Maximum 15 pieces.
Contraindicated in people less than 18 years, pregnancy. Seek medical advice in patients with angina, other heart conditions, peptic ulcers, other gastric diseases, kidney or liver problems. Please read the leaflet thoroughly before taking the medication.